4.0 Grade Point Avg! Whoo hoo

Happy Holidays!!!  It’s a lot of work and other things do suffer (like reading!) but the holiday break is upon us and I get to read more than medical texts!  Reviews to post, coming soon!  All A’s this past semester, and it was a lot of work, and I know it can be done, you just have to ignore life for awhile.  I do still keep up with reading groups, new authors, and what everyone is reading.  How can you beat getting great recommendations for reading!  So I raise my glass of eggnog to everyone, wishing you a happy holiday and STAY WARM! I think it’s time to curl up on the couch in a big blanket and grab my book!


Nursing school and more nursing school!

If there is anyone out there that has been to nursing school then you know what I mean! Right?  I’m still reading, still buying books, my posting is instead being done on FictFact, Goodreads, Amazon and a few other sites.  I’m letting them do the formatting and pictures.  So I haven’t stopped reviewing, just haven’t been able to update this blog as of late.    Those of you that have been and are going through nursing classes, science classes, labs and clinical’s speak up!  No one else seems to understand how much time we devote to studying (and I’m bound and determined to stay on the Dean’s List – no one wants a nurse who got all C’s!)  Still all is great, helping others makes me happy, and so does reading these great romance books!

The Importance of Being Wicked by Miranda Neville

Caroline Townsend is dealing with the death of her husband and trying to find a way to pay all the debts left behind and with her generous nature, she finds it hard to turn away her late husbands artistic, struggling friends. A bright spot is the arrival of her dear cousin, Anne who is coming to meet her potential fiance, Thomas, Duke of Castleton. It quickly becomes clear that this proper man, or Lord Stuffy as Caro comes to call him, will not suit for Anne and does not fit in with Caro’s more carefree lifestyle…but the attraction between Thomas and Caro is there and hard to ignore. When Caro attempts to settle on of her larger debts, Thomas is there to sweep her away and this forces a change in their relationship. However, Thomas needs to marry for money so how can he throw away the chance to marry for money (Anne) for the chance to marry for love and passion (Caro)? Will he choose duty or love? Will Caro be able to find a balance for her feelings for Thomas, a balance between proper and free?

What a fun, sexy, enjoyable easy read! I really like to read a good book sometimes without major conflict, without loads of action and with feelings expressed without having to pull teeth and I felt Miranda Neville delivered with this one. Caro is a delight…free spirited, kind, loving and a wonderful teacher to Thomas about all things wicked! Thomas is the perfect, proper, stuffy gentleman who knows his duty but can see importance to learning all things wicked. I did feel like the story was a bit slow in the beginning but it really picked up for me half way through and I finished it in one sitting to see how it all played out. I think the reason it was a bit slow for me was all the other characters are introduced for the upcoming stories and it detracted from the romance blooming a bit. However, by the end I loved how the author weaved in just enough tidbits about the upcoming stories that I am very anxious for them now as they all look quite scandalous! I enjoyed watching Thomas go through a slew of emotions of his feelings for Caro but how he never backed down once he made up his mind, even when some secrets from his mothers past is revealed. Caro also stayed true to her feelings once she realized them and this was a nice surprise for me as I was worried she would be a bit flighty in that regard. And even though this is a very easy read, there is a touch of heartbreak that had me heart sinking that adds just a bit of drama. Art collecting isn’t really my interest but it was touched just enough on without overwhelming the storyline.

Lord Gray’s List by Maggie Robinson

Lord Benton Gray has had it with the weekly gossip rag, The London List. He is always the front page fodder and everyone, including his own mother, eagerly awaits each new issue. Deciding to end this once and for all, he goes and confronts the owner, a Mr. Ramsey. But who should this Mr. Ramsey turn out to be
but the one woman he proposed to years ago…Evangeline Ramsey. Evie is running the paper to help pay her ailing fathers medical bills and dressing as a man has proved to be most advantageous as people are more willing to speak to a man over a woman and take her seriously. Seeing the man she made a foolish mistake with and ruined her future as a result stems her anger and frustration but the final straw is when Ben goes behind her back and buys the paper from her father! Sparks reignite, tempers flare and their past attraction still burns strong. Together, Evie shows Ben the ropes of running a paper and the side that the
public doesn’t seem much, the caring and helping of all the desperate, poor people who need so much yet can not afford the rates to advertise. Will Ben be able to truly turn over a new leaf and leave his rakish ways behind him and help Evie with all the issues with the paper and find what they thought they had lost
all those years ago?

This book had everything I have come to expect from Maggie Robinson; heart, humor and heat. The heat starts off rather quickly, with Evie and Ben already having a torrid affair in the past but then the sexual
tension sets in and just keeps building. The humor was just wonderful. Our couple are constantly trying to prove who is the man and should wear the pants (literally)…Ben wants Evie to wear dresses and be a female and take care of her while Evie wants to continue doing her job and the pants suit her just fine. Evie is a strong, bold, confident woman and does not need a man to take care of her! (Even if he is devilishly handsome, wealthy and shows himself to have a very generous heart). The heart comes from all the secondary characters that add a nice sense of completion to this story. Evie knows what it is like to struggle
and when Ben decides to shut down the paper, she shows him how many people depend on The London List to find jobs, homes, and helpers, that it is far more that a scandal sheet. Yes, the situations that arose seemed to be settled fairly quickly and easily, but they were still pleasant to read. I also really enjoyed
seeing some of the day to day operations involved in running a newspaper! Overall, a delightful, sensual romance that will surely please romance fans who enjoy a perfect blend of heart, wit, charm and heat.

Lady Maggie’s Secret Scandal by Grace Burrowes

Grace Burrowes continues her saga of the Windham daughters with LADY MAGGIE’S SECRET SCANDAL, an emotional tale of life-changing secrets, selfless sacrifice, desperate loneliness and dangerous mystery.

Lady Maggie, illegitimate daughter of the Duke of Moreland, lives quietly by choice in the shadow of her
high-profile family. But then she loses her reticule. If the contents of her bag come to light, someone innocent and dear to her will suffer greatly. Desperate, she hires investigator Benjamin Hazlit, who has done such work for the Windhams before, to recover her property.

Ben almost declines Maggie’s case when she refuses to tell him exactly what he must find. But the beautiful, lonely Maggie intrigues and attracts him, and he takes her case.

With her flowing prose, Ms. Burrowes illustrates the strait-jacket life of the Regency woman. Hemmed in by abusively restrictive laws and customs, her options, especially if she is married, are narrow and daunting. Her life is defined solely by her sexuality, her behavior is strictly defind, and respectable
employment paying a living wage is almost non-existent. The unwed Maggie, as the daughter of a rich, powerful duke, has more leeway than most, but her illegitimacy still locks her out of the charmed circle reserved for those who fulfill all of society’s requirements.

The story compels you to turn page after page to find out what happens next. Again, Ms. Burrowes keeps us guessing almost to the end as to exactly what Maggie’s secret scandal is. Maggie is noble in trying to save a helpless victim, but a little wrong-headed in thinking she can do everything alone. Her family would have been more than willing to aid her, if she had only asked. Ben’s personal knowledge of women’s helplessness spur him on in his quest to help Maggie, if she will trust him.

Death’s Angel by Heather Killough-Walden

Death’s Angel is the third in HKW’s Lost Angels series. The series tells the stories of the 4 favored archangels as they begin to find the archesses that had been promised to them thousands of years ago. Each couple goes through their own troubles and tribulations as they find their own way to true love with their
soul mates. Death’s Angel is Azrael’s and Sophie’s story. The beginning of the book is a build-up to the ending which had me riveted to my seat. For some, the beginning can seem a bit slow as HKW does what she is known for and provides all of the details and builds the relationship of the two main characters, but
believe me, it is well worth the time to learn about all of the players and their impact on the future of this couple. Az is the angel of death and the first vampire, and in this book we are introduced to some of his vampires. It helps to show Az as a “person”, his caring side. We also get to see the struggle with Sophie as she deals with jealousy and the feelings of inadequacy and the fears of being left behind.

After reading this book, I am anxiously waiting the 4th book in the series. If you haven’t read the first two books, make sure to pick them up along with Death’s Angel, because you aren’t going to want to miss a moment of this series.

Bewitch: Vampire Erotic Theatre Series by Felicity Heaton

Bewitch is the 5th book in the Vampire Erotic Theatre series. The book centers around Payne, a half breed Vampire Incubus and his forbidden witch, Elissa. From the moment he meets her he Covets her. Going through some interesting interludes they Crave each other and Seduce each other.

I have read the other four books in this series and when I read a new one it becomes my new favorite. Felicity has a way to make her characters grab my heart with a vengeance. Bewitch could be a standalone but I feel it is best that you read the whole series in order to introduce yourself with the other wickedly
sexy characters in the series. It will enhance the story even more. Prepare yourself for steamy sexual encounters. It is not for the faint of heart because your heart will be stolen by Payne and your blood pressure will likely rise due to the sizzling erotic episodes. Payne is wonderful hero.

Tormented by his past, he hates what he is. He is far more vulnerable than my usual perception of a vampire and that just makes me love him even more. It really is perfect. A dark tortured vampire, a beautiful loving strong woman, mystery, mayhem, fight scenes, sex, love and unconditional loyalty. Payne and Elissa’s
story will surely Bewitch you and make you want more.